ISLAMABAD – The Food Department of ICT Administration on Monday notified the names of 35 fair price shops, which would be functional in the federal capital area from the first of Ramazan with the purpose to proving edible and foods item to the citizens at cheaper rates.According to the administration, food items like flour, ghee, sugar, pulses and basin would be provided at ex-mill rates at these shops. Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Tariq Mahmood Pirzada, has directed the Food Department and Assistant Commissioners to ensure the quality of food items at the fair price shops. As many as18 fair shops would be in urban area and 17 would be in rural areas.The names of fair price shops are as under: Muhammad Javed, Cooperative Store, G-6/1-4; Muhammad Hussain, Ch. Traders, Channab Market, G-7/1; Mushtaq Ahmed Abbasi, General Store, Amer Market, G-7/2; Muhammad Irfan, Sarhad General Store, Tippu Market, G-8/1; Muhammad Akram, Rehman General Store, Mansore Market, G-8/1; Muhammad Arshad, Good Luck Store, Allah Wali Market, F-8/1; Tahir Abbasi Traders, Rawal Plaza, G-9 Markaz; Zafar Kashif Store, Multani Market, G-9/2; Jamil Frontier Store, Rajput Market, I-10/1; Afzal Store, Haider market, G-9/2; Atique Ahmed Store G-8/4; Rauf General Store; Tanveer Store, G-11 Markaz; Basra General Store, G-10 Markaz; Arshad Store, Al-Shaikh Market I-10/1; Khattak Store, Amer Market, I-10/4; Paradise Store, I-8/4 Pakeeza Market; Ziafat Fair Price Shop, G-6/1-3.Names of the fair price shops in rural areas include Rashid Store, Noor Pur Shahan; Gulzar Store, Kalia chirah; Saleem Store, main bazaar, chirah; Asad Mahmood Rafi Store, Thanda Pani; Khurram General Store, main bazaar Rawat; Ijaz Store, main bazaar Golra Sharif; Insaf General Store, Golra Station; Hammed Store, main bazaar Sari Kharbuza, Tarnol; Wahood Tawakal Store, Pakistan Town’ Jabbar Bachat Store, PWD colony; Khan Store, police foundation, PWD colony; Sajjad Awami Store, Fateh Jhang road Tarnol; Mehboob Store, Rehman market, Rawal Town; Jahagir Ahmed, Sargodha Store, Simly Dam Road, Bhara Kau; Ghafoor Store,  main bazaar Soahan, Raza Store, Jighut, Ali Pur Farash and Kamran Store, Tarnol.