ISLAMABAD - Following the developments that have taken place since his departure to the United States, former ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani has moved an application in the Supreme Court with a plea to reconsider its June 12 order for ensuring his presence in memo scandal case hearings. Asma Jahangir, counsel for Haqqani, has filed the application in the apex court under order XXXIII rule of the Supreme Court rules 1980 for reconsidering its June 12 order as her client was being ‘threatened by powerful forces in Pakistan, who were not in the control of any authority in Pakistan.’ Hussain has also moved another application for access to videotape of evidence collected by the commission.Asma Jahangir said that her client remained in Pakistan despite that he resigned as an ambassador and that his family was residing in the US and he remained present during the memo commission’s meetings. “By the time, the respondent 4 (Hussain Haqqani) left Pakistan on an undertaking to return to Pakistan whenever required by the commission or the SC, there was no sign of the commission agreeing to travel abroad to record evidence nor was the commission contemplating securing evidence through video link. These suggestions were orally turned down by the constitution,” she further said.Asma also mentioned that Haqqani also filed an application for extending the video link facility to him but it was rejected by the commission without any reason.“At this stage, the presence in person of respondent No 4 is not required and to ensure such a presence would enormously risky and outweigh by many bounds the requirement No4’s physically presence,” she added. She requested the court to reconsider the June 12order as under the law as laid down wither in the criminal procedure code or the civil procedure code, the physical presence of Hussain Haqqani at this stage is not mandatory.