It is very agonizing to know that once again, in utter disregard of the aspirations of the Association of Fatima Jinnah Old Graduates (FJOG) female staff and students of FJMC, Punjab Government has forced an unpalatable decision by appointing a male doctor as Principal of FJMC.

This is totally unacceptable and is a flagrant violation of the agreed principle by the Punjab Government when Prof. Rakhshanda was appointed Principal of FJMC, that this all female institution would henceforth be headed by a female. It is unbelievable and incomprehensible that Punjab Government is unable to find a suitable female Professor among so many brilliant ladies who are running their respective departments very efficiently and creditably. We, the members of AFJOG strongly protest and request the Chief Minister to rescind this decision and appoint a suitable lady professor from amongst so many capable female candidates. If our genuine, democratic demand based on justice and fair play is not acted upon, we deserve the right to agitate by democratic means and even will not hesitate to go to media and take to the roads.

Dr Zahida Ijaz Khawaja,

Lahore, July 16.