Governor Punjab Latif Khosa’s statement made during an interview with Nawa-i-Waqt that the only hurdle in the way of Kalabagh Dam was a nod from the Council of Common Interests is noteworthy. It is encouraging that he spoke his mind even though it is his party leader and serving Premier Raja Ashraf who as the Minister for Water and Power had shelved the project. One wonders if Mr Khosa knows that the CCI has already informed the Lahore High Court that it agrees to its construction. As of now the CCI’s recommendations are awaiting federal government’s response and it is now up to it to go ahead with the construction work. While its feasibility is already established, funds should not be an issue given offers by international donors’ and our own business community that readily admits the reservoir’s role in pulling the economy from the jaws of death. Equally comforting is to listen to technical experts who keep reiterating the project’s multiple benefits.

As the CCI’s categorical approval shows, Kalabagh Dam is the proverbial political football between certain parochial elements. Being a representative of the federal government, Governor Khosa’s view can serve a useful purpose. It can make the government heed CCI’s opinion and act to bring the project to fruition.