LAHORE – Legal framework for promoting the trade and investment between Pakistan and India is need of the hour and government should create a supportive legal and regulatory environment without delay to promote economic cooperation between both countries. It believes proceeding with bilateral trade and cross-border investments without ensuring this would be like proverbial putting of the cart before the horse, said Law Society Pakistan Secretary advocate Intazar Mahdi at a seminar held on legal trade with India here.  He said the Legal Society of Pakistan also calls for harmonization in legal regulations existing in both the countries so that investors feel safe while venturing across the border. The existence of such legal framework is also necessary to ensure rightful performance of bilateral contracts, protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights and smooth relocation of industries within the region for the larger benefit of the masses.  He also said that the Law Society is ready to form a working group on this issue and provide free technical assistance and advice to the government.