ISLAMABAD  - Former parliamentarian Marvi Memon displayed her collection of paintings with prime focus on political issues in the country here Monday at Nomad Art Gallery.

The show entitled `Discrimination’ reveals the theme of `Parliament Diaries’ by an impassioned orator who has been visible for some time on political scene.

Marvi has tabled contentious bills as a parliamentarian, stood her ground on burning issues and also worked in the field which is reflected in the works through her parliament diaries.

“Art for me has been a way of expressing what I feel and see around myself. I present some of my struggles visually for the audience as the paintings have an underline theme of various kinds of politics,” says Marvi.

“I have painted about the struggle for the acid legislation, against the injustices of Karo Kari, about Speaker’s golden guild concept of women empowerment and some women in chains in our society,” she said.

As an aspiring artist working on issues close to her heart, she brought around 32 paintings from some of her sensitive artwork focusing on political issues in the show.

She got training in watercolours from France and mostly painted for friends and family. This formal exhibition has the specific objectives to illustrate the causes that are important for her in politics and to contribute to those causes financially with the proceeds of her paintings.

The exhibition served the viewers as a visual journey to save Pakistan from water shortages. The long march against water thieves across the Indus and disastrous floods are there too as well as the food insecurities due to lack of climate change sensitivities.

Her struggle for minorities is woven into the collection while she also painted the pain of the drones and the terror attacks as well as the air crashes.

The show will continue till July 31.