LAHORE - The National Database and Registration Authority has introduced new ID Card, the Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani at a ceremony in London, said spokesman of NADRA here on Monday. The Smart Card is a third Generation Chip-based identity document that is produced according to international standards and requirements. The card has over 36 physical security features and has latest encryption codes making it safest card in the world.Speaking on the occasion, Pakistani’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Wajid Shamsul Hassan said “The Smart card” is a revolutionary technology developed by NADRA and this will provide great service and convenience to citizens.” He thanked the Government for this timely and critical step as it will help with smooth provision of social services, increase financial inclusion and facilitate with remittances to Pakistan.NADRA plans to open its public facilitation centres in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow and later will expanding into the rest of Europe. This was disclosed by the new Chairman of NADRA Tariq Malik, who was appointed by the Prime Minister only three days ago. These offices will operate as extended counsellor sections and approval for them has already been granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. NADRA will launch Smart NICOP and Smart CNIC together on Independence Day this year.Smart NICOP will provide 2.5 million overseas Pakistanis in Europe with priority travel, banking facilities and increased security as well as the existing visa-free entry to Pakistan. NADRA plans to bring out a number of services on the Smart Card and these will be provided upon availability. The card is programmed with a match-on-card applet which first confirms the biometrics of the user and then grants access to it. The card is printed on multiple layers of polycarbonate material, each layer containing its own security features. This card is hence the securest in the world and protects the data of citizens at every level, spokesman of NADRA said.NADRA’s key concern has been to protect public information and its plans have been extensively tested and approved by the Government of Pakistan. NADRA staff will continue to approve and issue the cards after verification of documents and transfer data to Pakistan in real time via secure encryption. The cards will be printed at NADRA headquarters and will be shipped back to the UK. No one other than a select number of NADRA staff will be allowed access to the data of citizens.“NADRA is catalyst in transforming e-Govt agenda in Pakistan. It houses the world largest multi-biometric citizens database and has very effectively used it to bring transparency in government’s citizen centric initiatives like preparation of electoral rolls, Benazir Income Support Programme, cash disbursement programme for internally displaced people, electronic seafarer cards programme, e-arms licence initiative, motorway toll collection using e-toll application, ID card verification through SMS, Integrated Border Management Solutions and Biometric Access Control Systems. These programmes have increased public convenience, improved service delivery, and ensured transparency. NADRA has been designated as Asian leader for providing identity-based multi-biometric technology solutions” said Tariq Malik, Chairman NADRA.