ISLAMABAD - Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has revealed that the non-recovery of 41,109.769m.ton wheat caused a loss of Rs 61.860 million to the national exchequer. The audit report 2011-12 regarding Public Sector Enterprises revealed that upon scrutiny of record, it was observed that 24 vessels carrying imported wheat by TCP arrived during the year 2008-09 at Gwadar port, Balochistan. The cargo was handled through four companies and a quantity of 895,625.204m.ton was discharged, whereas a total quality of 891,515.435m.ton was dispatched over to TCP’s companies. Thus, a quantity of 41,109.769m.ton wheat valuing Rs 153.27 million was short delivered.After lapse of two years, the management, as per decisions taken in the 273rd meeting of TCP board held on June 30,2011 adjusted to extent 60 percent of the value of shortages from bills. Audit was of the view that the chances of recovery were becoming remote with the passage of time, which was indicative of weak internal controls prevailing in the organization.The report said that the matter was taken up with the management through an observation memo dates September 06, 2011. The management in its reply stated that a sum of Rs 91.4million had been adjusted against the bills. Audit suggested taking effective steps for recovery of the balance outstanding amount of Rs 61.8million. The report further said that the matter was also discussed in DAC meeting held on December 09,2011. The management informed that all the four agents had been short listed for the work at Karachi port and they were being pursued to pay the balance recoverable amount before the award work.The DAC decided that para would stand till recovery. However, the progress was awaited till finalization of this report.