Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi on Monday again made it clear that strategic dialogue is being restored between Pakistan and the United States. Talking to host of journalists at the Parliament House on Monday, she said that negotiations between the two countries have moved forward. She said a written agreement will be signed very soon.

 In reply to a question on Bhoja Airline, she said that methodical investigations are underway and investigations under the able leadership of Captain Mujhahid ul Islam, inquiry team is doing its work carefully. She further said that formal report will be unveiled soon. Regarding approval of PIA Act Amendment, she said that Ministry of Law and Justice has the powers and work is in progress in this regard. In another question, she said that additional military is being deployed at border areas of the country. She further said that US will provide Pakistan with funds under Coalition Support Programme but the date is not finalised. Ministry of Defence will sign two reconciliation MOUs with US on NATO supply matter hence consultations are underway with other concerned Ministries, she stated.