Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf Tuesday said government would not let a handful of people hold patriotic people of Balochistan hostage. Speaking at the National Defence University on Tuesday, he said main problem in the province was law and order situation and if it was not overcome it would start affecting other parts of the country as well. He offered dialogue to the “estranged elements” of Balochistan, adding that the people of Pakistan will go an extra mile to redress the grievances of the people of Balochistan. The premier said that ‘foreign hand’ was involved in the deterioration of Balochistan law and order situation. He advised the disgruntled Baloch youth no to play in the hands of enemies. However, he made it clear that no talks would be held with those who desecrated Pakistan flag. He said the situation in Balochistan was not as simple as they saw but the foreign media was exaggerating it. The prime minister said that talks will not be held with individuals who disgrace the nation, adding that the biggest problem in Balochistan was law and order. “If the unrest in Balochistan is not dealt with, it may have adverse effects on other areas,” Ashraf said. The prime minister was also critical of the foreign press and called their reporting an exaggeration of actual events in Balochistan.