VEHARI - Though trade unions are meant for protecting labour rights, the groups have been lobbied for serving vested interests, according a survey conducted by TheNation.

The unions have also been used as pressure group. When an individual has no separate entity, he/she joins union. Like other parts of the district, such unions have been active in the district for the last two years. And, demonstration seems the only way to the solutions to their problems. Banking on their union, rickshaw drivers have flout traffic rules and harass the cops besides risking dozens of lives.

Cashing in on the current wave, the Wapda unionists have been distributing free electricity units granted by authority among their relatives. Almost, every department is plagued with such kind of ‘unionism’

Moreover, the trade union heads also visit police stations to get their ‘share’ in corruption. Vehari DPO Syed Nasir Rizvi said since he believed in community policing, he cooperated with these unions to solve the problems confronting the people.

DCO Ahsan Bhutta said no doubt these unions got involved in several matters but the administration consulted with them to provide relief to the common people. Vehari Traders Union President Irshad Bhatti said: “We’re here for the welfare of the masses.”

SHO Danewal Mehar said he run a model police station and he attached a priority to solve the problems through community policing.