PESHAWAR - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), former ameer, Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said that 1.5 million tribesmen are still living as IDPs and the main reason behind their miseries is drone attacks and alliance with the United States.

“The tribal people are in severe anxiety and this anxiety has grown concerns among the tribesmen regarding their future. This situation needs immediate solution,” he remarked while addressing a seminar on the problems of tribal people and their possible solutions. Tribal leaders, prominent journalist Saleem Safi, doctors and people belonging to different walks of life were present on the occasion.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad said that it was the responsibility of civilian as well as military leadership and secret agencies to focus on the problems of Fata and suggest possible solutions to them. He said the military operations and day-to-day drone attacks paralysed the lives of tribal people and they were feeling insecurity even in their homes.

He maintained that Fata could not bear the brunt of more military operations and its problems needed solution through peaceful means including jirgas. He said that tribal people should be allowed to elect their leader and participate in law making process of the country. He said that it is not appropriate that a single person decide the fate of FATA.

He said that on hand United States and its allies chanting slogans of human rights violation and supporting homo sexuality while on the other hand they do not ask that why tribal people are being targeted in drone attacks and so-called terrorism.

He said that they should come with one point agenda to appraise the incumbent government regarding their future status and their opinion must be respected in this regard.

He added that tribal people should be given all those rights which have been given to other citizens of the country and the tribal leaders should unanimously decide their fate either to remain independent or to be merged in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.