SAMBRIAL - Sialkot DCO Zahid Saleem Gondal has said that Ramazan sanctity Ordinance will be implemented in letter and spirit across the district.

The implementation will be ensured in every aspect of life and all restaurants and food outlets would remain closed during the day time. The DCO directed special price magistrates to perform their duties with diligence. He warned that no one would be allowed to eat and drink in public places during fasting hours and those who violate these rules will be fined heavily.

He stressed that shopkeepers and store owners should avoid tuning their televisions to any vulgar channel and radios and should only telecast national transmissions instead of songs.

DCO Gondal said that the Iftar and Sehari dastarkhwans would be arranged throughout the district with the cooperation of local philanthropists. “These dastarkhwans will be set up at greenbelts and public parks so that people could participate and benefit from the free food.

He maintained that all arrangements for daily Ramazan bazaars were also being finalized. “Several teams have been assigned to monitor both the price lists as well as the quality of the food items at these bazaars.