ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Monday has been moved to declare the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ebrahim as illegal.

Shahid Orakzai, a petitioner, challenging the appointment, termed it contradictory to the Constitution stating Constitutionally no former judge of the SC crossing the age of 68 years could be appointed Chief Election Commissioner.

He claimed that President of Pakistan or the Public Service Commission are not authorised to appoint a person who crossed the age of 80 years, adding, that once a person who has served as Governor, cannot be appointed Chief Election Commissioner.

Justifying his argument, the petitioner pleaded that Fakhruddin G Ebrahim being a Governor of the Sindh province had acted upon advice of political administration and Chief Minister, which he said forbids him from taking charge of any Constitutional position.

Citing another reason for his objection over the appointment, Shahid Orakzai said being the counsel for Mian Nawaz Sharif, the appointed Chief Election Commissioner had appeared before superior court which is sufficient ground to claim that Fakhruddin Ebrahim had affiliation with the PML-N.

Orakzai further said that Fakhruddin also appeared before the SC while pleading for incumbent Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s exile case.

Orakzai contended that Parliamentary Committee violated the procedure of Constitution relating to appointment of CEC because without hearing, the CEC was appointed.

The petitioner sought the court orders to stay the oath of Fakruddin G. Ebrahim till the decisions of the application.

Earlier, the Parliamentary Committee was formed to finalise a consensus over the name for the post of Chief Election Commissioner under Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Khurshid Shah, which unanimously proposed Fakhruddin’s name for the post responsible for holding of elections in the country.  PML-N has also suggested the name of Fakhruddin G Ebrahim to the Committee.