ISLAMABAD  - President Asif Ali Zardari has appreciated the patience, perseverance and skilful handling of the Pak-US negotiations by Ambassador Sherry Rehman which led to ending the stalemate over the tragic Salala incident.

In a letter to the Ambassador Sherry Rehman, President Zardari said the US apology over the loss of brave Pakistani soldiers is a vindication of Pakistan’s rightful stand and an acknowledgement of the inviolability of Pakistan’s sovereignty.

The president said he is well aware of her relentless efforts in putting Pakistan’s point of view across to the American administration and Congress and in the process she had to face many unpleasant situations with her interlocutors.

The president, however, said that the job is not over yet and there are many challenges ahead including resumption of the strategic dialogue between Pakistan and the United States and taking it forward to a level which may pave the way for greater economic interaction and regional stability.

He said the Pakistani-US partnership should be one that is based on trust and respect and constant efforts needed to be made from both sides to make sure that for the greater good of the region this trust never wavers.  He expressed the confidence that the ambassador will continue the good work to achieve these objectives.

While thanking the Ambassador and her colleagues for rendering invaluable service to the country, the president prayed that Almighty Allah may help her in the discharge of her national duty.