ISLAMABAD  - As part of its continuous efforts to highlight issue of violence against women and its different manifestations in Pakistani society, the Aurat Foundation on Monday launched the fourth annual statistics of violence against women. The report is titled “Situation of Violence against Women in Pakistan”. Nasreen Azhar, women’s rights activist and former member National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), who presented the findings of the report, said that the report shows that violence against women was continuously increasing.Anis Haroon, former Chairperson National Commission on the status of women, said that current data shows a rise in cases of violence against women.She said that although the violence against women also happened even in developed countries, adding, however, in Pakistan the violence was more problematic and cruel as there was no system of addressing the violence and cases including `honour’ killings and land disputes were not properly reported and there was no implementation of law in the regard.  She also emphasized that for eradicating violence against women, we need a shift in mindset of society.She was of the view that the typical mindset did not consider women as able and potential member of society who has important role in society’s development and prosperity.She also criticized the bad side of tribal culture of Khyber Pakhtunkhaw, which has a little space for women and where women are killed in the name of `honour’ and are given away in dispute settlement.  Justice (R) Majida Rizvie, former Chairperson of National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), and Chief Guest of the launching ceremony, in her concluding speech gave a critical analysismany causes behind violence against women, but the root cause is perhaps women’s dependence on men, and men’s approach that women are their dependent and hence their property.She said that although one way of looking into increase in violence against women perhaps is that now cases of violence are reported as compared to the past.However, she emphasized that the current socio-political and economic situation is also one of the main factors behind violence against women.Shaigan Shareef Malik, Secretary Ministry of Human Rights, in his concluding remarks agreed that only 60% percent cases of violence against women are reported and of those reported cases only 40% are registered with police.  As per report during 2011 about 25 pc increase was witnessed in domestic violence against women as compared to the previous year.However it said that 6.57 percent decrease was registered in cases of abduction and kidnapping of women.Similarly 9.68 percent decrease was witnessed in incidents of murder of women and 10.88 percent decrease was witnessed in incidents of rapes and gang rapes in 2011.