JHANG - At least nine people were killed and another 12 sustained multiple injuries in various accidents and incidents of violence occurred in and around Jhang over the past 24 hours.

As per detail, one Mazhar Abbas, a resident of Chak 204/JB shot his wife Suriya Bibi dead for honour. He suspected that his wife had developed illicit relations with someone else. The Bhawana Police have registered a case of the incident.

In another incident, two people Habat Ali and Nadir Khan, residents of Mauza Sajanka were killed when the roof of their house collapsed due to heavy rains. Similarly, heavy rains claimed another life of Faisal Ali, a resident of Mauza Sajanka when a wall fell over him when he was passing through street.

Similarly, in another incident two people Karan Iqbal and Ramzan, residents of Chak 269 were killed in rain-related incident. Meanwhile, 12 people were injured in different areas in different rain and wind storm-induced incidents and were admitted to DHQ Hospital Jhang.

In yet another incident, one Muhammad Wahab, a resident of Mohallah Marzipura electrocuted when he was repairing an electric motor. Meanwhile, eight-year-old Muhammad Khalid was killed in wall collapse incident in Mauza Kareywala.

In Gulgasht Colony Shorkot, four-year-old Aeman, daughter of Muhammad Imran, drowned when she was taking a bath in a tube-well.