I would urge the parliament to grant exoneration from allegations to eminent Nuclear Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. He not only made Pakistan’s defence invincible but also rendered unprecedented sacrifice of his personal honour and prestige to save the country from foreign threats by taking the blame for transferring the nuclear technology to some other states. Facts reveal that the allegations were not true. The preparation of a nuclear bomb is purely a scientific achievement, and the credit goes to the scientist including the successful experiment of the explosion. The experiment could have been done during the tenure of any government which is not relevant to claim the achievement.

It is ironic that Dr A. Q. Khan was not respected as a national hero as was his Indian counterpart Dr Abdul Kalam. The latter was given a State funeral so much so that the first-ever five-star Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh offered a salute to his coffin despite serious sickness. Unfortunately, Dr Khan did not receive the State funeral that he deserved.