ISLAMABAD - Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has carried out 1,426 Line-km 2D and 120 Square-KM 3D surveys in its various operational areas during the first nine months of the last fiscal year. “The acquired seismic data represents 74% and 15% of total 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition in the country respectively,” according to an official report available with APP. Moreover, the company using in-house resources processed/reprocessed 2,572 Line km of 2D and 905 sq. km of 3D seismic data. During the period under review, OGDCL made four hydrocarbon discoveries, having expected cumulative daily production potential of 39 MMCF gas and 2,850 BBL of oil, during the first nine months of the current fiscal year. Discoveries include Wali-1 (Kawagarh), Wali-1 (Hangu) and Wali-1 (Lockhart) in district FR Lakki, KP province and Jandran West-1 in district Kohlu, Balochistan province. Preliminary 2P reserves estimates attributable to these discoveries are 236 billion cubic feet of gas and 13 million barrels of oil, a combined 58 million barrels of oil equivalent. Besides, the company injected eight operated wells, including Tando Alam-21, Sial-1, Pasakhi-12, Mangrio-2, Togh Bala2, Gundunwari-1, Pandhi-1 and Siab-1 that produced 305,804 Barrel (BBL) crude oil and 3,677 Million Cubic Feet (MMCF) gas, in its production gathering system. The company carried out 70 work-over jobs comprising 12 with rig and 58 rig-less to arrest natural decline and sustain production from mature wells. Moreover, it completed pressure build-up survey jobs at various wells of producing fields including Mela, Pasahki, Nashpa, Qadirpur, Maru-Reti, Uch and Kunnar to induce improvement in the current well flow parameters. The OGDCL also contributed around 48 percent, 30 percent and 38 percent towards the country’s total oil, natural gas and LPG production respectively. The company’s average daily net oil and gas production clocked in at 36,173 BBL and 828 MMCF, which was 36,836 BBL and 865 MMCF in the corresponding period of the last year, respectively.