Let there be peace

These concepts may not seem very deep, but are, in fact, making the whole world go round

Life is actually a mixture of hardships and blessings. Blessings are showered by the Supreme Authority to ease life.

In life desires are never ending. Most people’s lives revolve around the satisfaction and actualization of material desires. Till end of life one continues to struggle but hardly ever is able to completely achieve one’s goal. Goals are different for every person in the world: while some think that having a more luxurious life is enough, others – very few – consider their real achievement is hidden in peace of mind.

Peace of mind is an essential in everybody’s life. Nowadays, materialism has caused people to ignore this ingredient. Without peace of mind, life can be passed but it cannot be loved. To love life, it’s essential to have peace. Here comes the million dollar question: is love important to have peace or is it vice versa? I believe the two go hand in hand. Someone who has peace of mind will automatically begin loving and if love is here to nurture one’s heart the peace will be here to nurture one’s life.

Interestingly, no one can present a universal definition of peace or love. These things live in the mind, therefore the definitions of these terminologies vary from person to person, according to the frame of reference and other factors. One can find peace in owning a BMW and then loving it. Another may feel peace in living life alone, detached from society to avoid ill practices and customs of society.

Love, too, can be defined in different terms. Love is hidden in heart of a strict father for his children. Love is in the heart of a husband for his wife. A mother’s peace of mind may be associated with the love for her children.

“Love” and “peace”: both the feelings and perceptions are too broad to fit into one strata. These concepts may not seem very deep, but are, in fact, making the whole world go round. As we can see, in spite of the race of materialism everyone is ready participate in the peace process to replace it with the hatred for people living on earth. A few powers are ready to sabotage the peace process on the international, national, interpersonal level.

On every level humans are in dire need of peace. Peace is linked with love for another. Love for others: whoever they are, whatever the way they want to live, whatever the way they want to spend the time span of their life allotted them by God. Even God did not order to force anyone into altering their religion as religion is everybody’s personal matter, and conversion disturbs the peace on earth.

And violation of peace takes with it the love of one person for another.

Muhammad Waqas is an undergraduate student of Biotechnology at Bacha Khan University Charsadda. He is the country head of Biocognizance

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