Good and Bad Governments

Humans collaborating together have solved many problems, healed diseases, and achieved great things. The whole benefit of a democratic system is to increase collaboration for the improvement of the quality of life of citizens.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, democratic governments often pretend that problems are unsolvable. In reality, they do not want to solve these problems. Take, for example, the Punjab Government announcing a plan to reduce traffic by providing driving licenses to students and retired people, an oxymoronic concept in itself.

This “drama” of unsolvable problems in Pakistan has been exposed by the previous government of Imran Khan. That government ended electricity load shedding, reduced electricity rates, provided universal health insurance to all Pakistanis, provided food and shelter to the homeless, reduced imports, and increased exports, all while avoiding loans from the IMF despite Pakistan being on the IMF’s “grey list.”

Therefore, any excuses made by new governments in Pakistan are not acceptable to the people. We have experienced good governance in our lifetime, and now the attempts to portray governance issues as unsolvable are not acceptable to us.



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