Prehistoric humans share migration patterns with HYENAS

ISLAMABAD-Danish experts found that hyenas had undergone complex migrations across various continents, with African and Eurasian lineages being more distinct than thought. The team also found that humans coexisted with hyenas, but may gone from being relatively harmless to detrimental to the hyenas as time progressed. Scientists have known for some time that prehistoric humans first left Africa around two million years ago, but only recently discovered that hyenas did the same thing.
The study revealed that both species had long and complicated migration patterns between different continents, including Africa and Eurasia.
Researchers said that while prehistoric hyenas show some similarities with humans in their migration patterns, there are signs to suggest that modern humans — Homo sapiens — are likely to have had a detrimental impact on hyenas. Humans are also believed to have played a role in the extinction of cave hyenas around the end of the last ice age.

The findings mean that the coexistence between humans and hyenas — like those between humans and other large mammals — may have changed from being relatively benign to harmful as humans became more advanced.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt