No presence of ISIS in Pakistan, says Ch. Nisar

Rawalpindi - Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan catogorically denied the presence of Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Pakistan, saying the armed forces and government would never allow the new militants group to put their foot steps on our land.
He, in an attempt to dispel the impression that gulf between him and prime minister has widened to a dangerous level, said that he could not visit Karachi after a terrorist attack on an Ismaili community bus at Safoora Goth owing to sickness. “I will pay visit to Karachi in next few days to monitor law and order situation there,” he added.  
Chaudhry Nisar Khan expressed these views while talking to media men at the residence of a famous industrialist Raja Muhammad Ilyas after inaugurating air-conditioned bus service at Mangal Village, Kallar Syedan here on Saturday.
On the occasion, MPA Engineer Qamar-ul-Islam, Muhammad Zarif Raja, Chuahdhry Abdul Ghafar, Sheikh Abdul Qadoos and other prominent personalities were also present.
He said that the terrorists’ backbone was broken by the government through affective intelligence sharing and close cooperation between the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies.
“Earlier the terrorists have been killing innocent Pakistanis round-the-clock at their will but now greatly this bloodshed has been stopped as the government conducted more than 10,000 operations based on effective,” he said.
He said that the terrorists wanted to destabilise Pakistan but their nefarious designs would not be fulfilled with the help of close cooperation with the armed forces, LEAs and the government. The minister said the government with the help of armed forces and other LEAs inflicted humiliating defeat on terrorists who are now targeting innocent and helpless people in streets and on roads.
He said the whole nation should be united to wipe out the cancer of terrorism from the soil of Pakistan. “We want to convey a clear message to terrorists as neither they can weaken our unity nor our spirit. We have launched massive operation against the terrorists and broken their backbone,” he said, adding those who were contemplating to distort the image of Islam would meet shameless defeat. “We will not sit with peace until establishment of peace in the country,” he pledged.
Chaudhry Nisar said that the demand of resignations from CM KP after militants attack on school in Peshawar and from CM Sindh after Safoora Goth massacre made no sense as these demands were baseless. “I am not taking side of terrorists but telling the reality as no one stepped down in the United States after 9/11,” he said.
He said the government decided to carry out operation in 2014 to stop bomb blasts and other terrorists’ activities in the country. Coming down hard on PTI, he said that PTI was not a political party rather it was a fan club of political turncoats.
He said that those staged sit-in in Islamabad had promoted politics of abuses and torture. He said the PTI leadership criticised the judges, political opponents and other institutions. He said that no revolution took place in KP whereas people were suffering a lot because of bad governance of PTI in the province.
Chauhdry Nisar termed the era of former military dictator as mother of all evils in Pakistan. “Terrorism and terrorists flourished during Musharraf regime and now incumbent government is facing difficulties in wiping out the menace from Pakistan,” he added. The minister said that PPP would soon meet its logical end like the PML-Q.
Earlier, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan held meeting with the members of N-League and listened to the problems of people of Kallar Syedan. He vowed to resolve their problems, saying development work in Kallar Syedan would be continued. Tight security arrangements were made by law enforcement agencies on the occasion to avoid any untoward incident.

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