MUZAFFARGARH   -   Bridegroom was injured by own pistol while making TikTok video during departure of wedding procession on Monday.

According to police source, the groom named Baqir Hussain was making TikTok video just before moving from wedding venue located at Basti Allah Yar to the bride’s home.

In the meantime, he was wounded due to fire shot which was accidentally made by his pistol during the video shoot. He fell on the ground and people escorting the groom immediately shifted him to DHQ hospital. Police also rushed to the wedding place and launched formal investigation after taking the pistol into custody.

Rescue 1122 suggests precautions to maintain health amid heat wave

Rescue 1122 sensitized citizens to take special care as severe heat wave could lead to heat stroke.

In a special message to deal ongoing heat wave, the Rescue 1122 spokesperson hinted symptoms of heatstroke as excessive sweating, dehydration, rapid heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, hot, dry skin, headache, dizziness, yellowing of the skin, and drowsiness.

He stressed upon people to avoid going out of the house unnecessarily. Similarly, citizens should cover head with cloth.  Drink plenty of water, wear light colored loose clothing, never leave children alone in a parked and closed window car, do not eat high protein foods that cause metabolic disorders.  He suggested, If there is a risk of heat build-up, wash  hands with cold water to keep blood flowing in the veins and.

Most children, especially infants, the elderly, athletes and those who work in the sun, suffer from stroke, he said.