Dialogue only way to stop terrorism in Balochistan: Bugti

Balochistan Chief Minister Sarfraz Bugti says the health and education systems in the province have been ruined.

Talking to media on Thursday, the chief minister said, “The state is ready for negotiations to address the issues of the Balochistan.”

“People are being killed after being taken off buses. What kind of Balochi traditions are these? Neither do these traditions permit it nor does our Islam. The dialogue is the only way to stop this terrorism. The youth should be included in the development of Balochistan. Training and loan programmes can be provided to the youth,” said Bugti.

“The Balochistan issue cannot be solved by force. The state is still ready for negotiations and talks,” said the chief minister.

“Whoever is involved in the jobs scam should be punished. We have to correct our affairs ourselves. Distances can be reduced through dialogue and good governance,” he added.

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