Hoax of Inflation Coming Down

We are informed that inflation has declined from 38 percent in May 2023 to 17.3 percent in April 2024. However, in Sindh, prices continue to rise unabated.

The ruling elite have subjected the general public to the harshest market forces. It is alleged that every influential individual benefits from the escalating prices. Whenever fuel prices rise, transporters exploit the situation by significantly raising fares; however, when oil prices decrease, commuters see no reduction in fares. Price lists are conspicuously absent in retail markets. Initially, there were reports of encroachment and the sale of public land, as well as corruption and embezzlement within government departments. Now, it is alleged that corruption extends to every level of government in Sindh. Unfortunately, appeals from the lower and middle classes have fallen on deaf ears.

During military regimes and caretaker governments, better price controls and regulatory systems often lead to lower prices for essential items. However, under democratic administrations, the poor and marginalized bear the brunt of economic exploitation. Basic necessities, life-saving medications, and exorbitant medical expenses continue to soar.

Government spokespersons and economists must cease claiming that inflation is decreasing, as this only adds insult to injury for the poor. There is little hope for action against unscrupulous market forces, as regulators are complicit in the exploitation of the poor.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt