ICC reveals details about Pakistan-India T20 World Cup 2024 venue

DUBAI  -   The International Cricket Council (ICC) disclosed important insights regarding the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, poised to host the highly-anticipated Pakistan-India clash at the T20 World Cup 2024.

The newly built cricket stadium in New York will host a total of eight matches, including two involving Pakistan and India each, amid the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Meanwhile, Chris Tetley, head of events at the ICC, confirmed that the Nassau County ground is capable of meeting international standards with ease and is equivalent to the size of the renowned Wankhede Stadium.

The venue is also enriched with a world-class drainage facility, crucial for ensuring uninterrupted play. “Whenever a new stadium comes up, there are a lot of questions about the size. But the Nassau County ground is not a token-sized ground – it is 75 yards east west and 67 yards north south from the centre. It is similar to the size of Wankhede. The drainage facilities, too, will be world-class,” Tetley said. For the unversed, Nassau County Stadium will feature drop-in pitches for the tournament. A total of 10 pitches, under the supervision of Damian Hough, head curator of Adelaide Oval, were prepared in Florida and transported to New York.

Meanwhile, Hough predicted the nature of the drop-in pitches, stating it would be bouncy and the ball would come onto the bat. “The pitches will have pace and bounce and the ball should come on to the bat, something that the players prefer. The idea is to produce good pitches that will stay good throughout the tournament and the players will enjoy playing on,” Hough said.

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