Rising Inflation

Several months ago, a man, burdened by inflation and unable to provide for his family, tragically took his own life. His family was left destitute and homeless.

Instances like these are not uncommon in our country, Pakistan, with inflation being the primary culprit. The government seems indifferent to the plight of its citizens, prioritizing its own needs over those of the people.

Loan defaults are rampant, resulting in brutal treatment by lenders towards debtors. The price of petrol has skyrocketed, rendering many unable to afford transportation, forcing them to either walk or rely on taxis if they can afford it.

What does citizenship mean? It entails ensuring that the rights of all individuals within a city or country are upheld. Islam, the most truthful religion, emphasizes the responsibility of leaders to ensure that no one goes hungry, uneducated, or homeless under their governance.

I implore the government to take immediate action to alleviate inflation and secure Pakistan’s future. If left unchecked, the situation will only worsen, and everyone will suffer the consequences.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt