Speakers for overcoming societal divisions for harmonious future

ISLAMABAD   -   IMUSLIM Institute, Yunus Emre Institute and the National Language Promotion Department (National Language Authority) organized a two-day national conference “Mevlana Rumi and Hazrat Sultan Bahoo: Preachers of Human Friendship, Peace, Love and Harmony”.

The second day of the National Conference commenced with insightful discussions and reflections on the profound impact of these eminent Sufi scholars on society. Scholars and intellectuals from various fields reiterated the transformative power of Sufism in shaping cultural norms and fostering harmony.

Distinguished speakers include Khazar Farhadov Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Islamabad, Sahibzada Muhammad Ameer Sultan Member National Assembly of Pakistan, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali Chairman MUSLIM Institute Islamabad, Kashif Manzoor Director General Public Libraries Punjab, Prof. Dr Mukhtar Ahmed Chairman Higher Education Commission Islamabad, and Prof. Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar Director General National Language Promotion Department, Islamabad.

The speakers at the conference emphasized how Sufism, with its core principles of love, empathy, and awareness, resonates universally across cultures. They stressed the importance of acknowledging the realities of society, advocating for unity through embracing diverse perspectives, and cultivating qualities of selflessness and patience. Sultan Bahoo and Mevlana Rumi’s teachings were praised for their ability to instill inner peace and self-awareness, encouraging individuals to embody these teachings for the betterment of humanity and to deepen their spiritual connections.

Moreover, the conference shed light on the cultural bridges built by Sultan Bahoo and Rumi’s teachings, illustrating how they transcend borders and bring people together despite differences. By embracing Sufi principles, the speakers highlighted the potential to overcome societal divisions and pave the way for a harmonious future.

In essence, the conference served as a reminder of Sufism’s enduring relevance in fostering peace, love, and understanding in our increasingly complex world, aiming to make these profound teachings accessible to all, according to a press release.

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