Verbose Statements

Recently held truce talks between Hamas and Israel bore no fruit as the former wants a long-term truce whereas the latter has no intention of halting its murderous campaign. In this vein, Tel Aviv has made all its preparations to unleash its forces in southern Rafah. The rationale is clear: to finish off Hamas and free the hostages held in Gaza.

Similarly, neither Israel nor its allies who supply it with arms and funds, care how many innocent, beleaguered, and precious Palestinian lives are lost in the name of so-called defence against Hamas.

In the wake of ongoing brutality, Muslim countries appear to have done nothing but issue mere verbose statements. From Pakistan to the major powers in the Middle East, no Muslim country has taken swift action against the Zionist state other than condemning the ruthless assault.

On the other hand, despite having enormous economic clout and valuable minerals, the 57 members of OIC failed to impose an energy boycott of Israel and its close allies. None of the Muslim countries which recognized the state of Israel, cut its diplomatic ties with the Zionists. Instead, certain arab countries like Jordan have been clandestinely assisting the inhumane force of Israel.

Likewise, when Iran retaliated against Israel following the Damascus attack, Jordan was one of the countries that helped Israel deflect the missiles. Thus, the Muslim nations should unite to stand firm against the Zionist state and the support of its Western allies, going beyond mere condemnations.

They should learn from South Africa, Bolivia, and Colombia which have snapped ties with Tel Aviv. These states have no religious or cultural ties with Palestine, yet they highlight great solidarity with the hapless Gazans. In this context, Muslim nations should take some practical steps to eradicate the sufferings of marginalised Gazans before it’s too late.



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