A secret supply line to terrorists

An American security agency has unearthed a most dangerous underground network, supplying electrical kits for making roadside bombs. The snake-like supply line runs through three-quarters of the world - from America through England to Iran; or more accurately, from England through America to Iran, and other regions. Its head was discovered in London If the sensational story has not made headlines - indeed it has even not found space in the mainstream media - the reason is the main culprit in the terror chain is a Jewish man. The harsh irony is that it was a Zionist media organ which broke, or rather was forced to break, the silence on the malevolent network. The Jewish Chronicle (October 10, 2008) divulged the story under the headline Shul-goer denies Terror Plot Role. The story, marked Exclusive, said, "A man facing extradition to the United States on terrorism charges has spoken of his nightmare at being linked to attacks on Coalition troops in Iraq. Farshid Gillardian, 39, from Hendon, London, is accused by United States authorities of being part of a network that supplied components used to make roadside bombs which have killed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan." It appeared that the magazine's main object in publishing the news was to alert the influential Jewish community to help the man get out of his dire situation. To give him a plus point, it is mentioned that he goes to synagogue. Much of the story is meant to plead for mitigation of the charges against the accused man and to appeal against his likely extradition. However, there are enough circumstantial details in it, and when these are combined with other known information, the case comes out quite clearly. Farshid Gillardian had been traced out by the investigators in America in August 2008. They put the British Scotland Yard in the picture and in September issued a charge sheet and a warrant for arresting Gillardian and extraditing him to the United States. He was arrested by the British police and was remanded in custody. "Prosecutors claim that the network [operated by Gillardian] illegally transported more than 30,000 electronic components - identical to those found in the bombs - from the US to Iran, thereby breaching export rules." "The indictment accuses Farshid Gillardian and the network, which includes people in Iran, Dubai, Malaysia and Germany, of taking part [in the illegal activity] for financial gain." Gillardian had plenty to say in his defence but he admitted having an outreach business in electrical components and contacts in Iran. According to the story, "He said that he owns a company which buys and sells electrical components. Among his international clients, he has one in Iran. But, he insisted, the electronic chips he sold were for use in computers or household electrical goods. He said he was winding down his company as it was making very little money. He added he conducted the whole business from his mother's home in Golders Green where he lived until he got married in May 2007." Farshid Gillardian is an Iranian Jew. Born in Iran, he moved to Britain with his parents when he was ten years old. A little insight into the Iranian Jews would be useful. Large communities of Jews have resided for centuries in many of the Muslim countries in Middle East and Central Asia, including Afghanistan. Among them, the Jews in Iran and Iraq have been particularly prosperous, industrially skilful, politically active and successful in getting into important governmental jobs, always posing as Muslims or Christians, and as dedicated nationalists. All the Diaspora Jews are tied up in the vast network of organisations under the World Zionist Organisation (WZO). In the Muslim lands, they were never persecuted or threatened with expulsion and were treated fairly and benignly. But, the loyalty of the Jews was only to the Zionist leadership and the state of Israel, when it came into being in 1948, and they were ever ready, as directed by WZO, to work against the countries of their residence, in order to advance the Zionist secret goals. According to WZO's publication, The Jewish Communities of the World: "In 1978 the Jewish population in Iran was 80,000. [At present], approximately, 60 percent are indigenous Iranian Jews and 40 percent are of Iraqi origin. There had been an active Zionist movement in Persia well before the Balfour Declaration [of 1919]. The first group of Persian Jews came to Jerusalem in 1886 from Shiraz. By 1930, there were 2000 Jews from Meshed living in Jerusalem. Prior to 1979, Israel and Iran had good relations, Iran having recognised Israel de facto in 1950. Israeli technical experts were also sent to Iran." The publication has more information on the subject, but it hides some very significant facts. For example, Iranian monarch Reza Shah's infamous security service, Savak, was set-up by Israelis and was staffed largely by Iranian Jews and Bahais, whose origin is Jewish. Iranian and Iraqi Jews hold important posts in Mossad and Israeli Defence Force. They are also the core handlers in Mossad's special wing that works with Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the militias in Iraq and Lebanon. Farshid Gillardian's full story is yet to be told. But a number of its important features can be gathered from critical questioning of what is known. Did he start this very costly and very risky business, which itself is a terrorist act, all by himself, and just with the aim of making money? How did he develop the intricate secret network, reaching right into the active terror groups? Are the network's operatives located only in US, Britain, Germany, Malaysia, Dubai and Iran? What about Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is being made the main operating ground of remotely controlled bombings? And what about India, where the terror trade and consumption of Gillardian-supplied commodity is on a constant upward scale? How could the elaborate and efficient US intelligence agencies remain blind to this supply line for so long, and have they now nabbed the other culprits, smashed the network and terminated the supply line? Farshid Gillardian may be a kingpin in the network supplying electrical kits for remote controlled bombs. But he would be just one of the many trained Jewish bondsmen serving the chief operators of the master network that provides the terror groups the professional guidance and the abundant logistics, all of which are essential to keep the grand design of 'war through terrorism" going. The logistics, supplied through independently functioning different networks, include funds, armaments, secure havens near target areas, selected manpower, necessary technology and drugs, especially for producing kamikaze zombies (suicide bombers in media parlance). Impartial observant analysts have been saying for years since the so-called war on terrorism turned into a regular bloody duel between the US-led forces and the terror groups that the terrorists could not have continued battling without a big source of total combat support at their back. This fact finally began to dawn on Pakistan's military command when the programmed terrorists under the guise of religion were let loose on this country. The military and civil leaders, however, have rarely voiced this charge in public. The source of the terror groups' power is none other than the Mossad - the principal executor of the sinister schemes of Israel and world Zionism. It has been repeatedly identified by analysts in Pakistan as well as in America and Europe with substantial evidence. The unearthing of the Jewish network backing the terrorists is another firm proof of this fact. Time has come for Pakistan to raise the alarm and make the world aware of this gross treachery. Providence has now provided the opportunity. The story said, "Gillardian will face a hearing later this year, where magistrates will decide if he will be extradited." Pakistan's intelligence establishment should keep a track of this case, besides taking the obvious action of asking the relevant US authorities of what they have to say on this shocking disclosure. The writer is a retired commodore (PN) E-mail: sglobalgame@yahoo.com

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