ISLAMABAD-After his remarkable performance in Munafiq, the multi-skilled actor Adeel Chaudhry is all set to star in the upcoming drama serial ‘Main Agar ChupRahoon’ alongside the talented Fatima Effendi once again. Directed by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi and presented by 7th Sky Entertainment, the serial’s thought-provoking teaser has everyone excited beyond words. The duo previously starred together in the drama serial Munafiq, which with its extremely intriguing storyline, proved to be nothing less than a blockbuster. Furthermore, being in pivotal roles, both Adeel Chaudhry and Fatima Effendi, managed to display such breathtaking versatility and acting skills that indeed remind us of the very essential qualities that make an actor truly phenomenal and hence, something we as an audience anxiously look forward to. Talking about the project, Adeel Chaudhry revealed how, often, he tries to challenge himself with the roles that he picks – be it negative or positive. He believes that is what ultimately helps him grow as an actor and honestly, we couldn’t agree more!