LAHORE   -  Bagallery started out in 2013 with simple Facebook and Instagram (@worldofbagallery) pages for beauty and fashion products, quickly garnering a large following with their influencer-driven model. Motivated by the enormous demand, the husband and wife co-founders, Salman and Mina, launched a native e-e-commerce platform with dedicated operations and fulfillment teams in 2017. “We are really excited to have received LVC’s backing at a time when Bagallery is growing rapidly. The funding will allow us to expand to multiple cities in Pakistan by upgrading our technology stack, inventory management systems, and logistics partnerships to efficiently scale,” said Mina Salman, Co-Founder of

Abdul Muqeet, a graduate of Institute of Business Management (CBM) self-starter and entrepreneur himself with a couple of innovative startups under his belt is the backbone of the commercial and occasionally tech department said:

“eCommerce in Pakistan has been hard-hit by lack of credibility in the past few years. Bagallery’s vision to maintain authenticity while ensuring the right variety is offered to customers has been backed by a team that strives for perfection. In an industry growing at an unprecedented rate. It is the team that gives you the edge and Bagallery’s team has what it takes to match the speed of the industry.”

Mushkbar Arshad, a gold medalist from Institute of Business Management (CBM) is known for her innovative PR packages and is spearheading marketing at Bagallery: “Start small but Dream Big. Proud of a team that has overcome hurdles despite boot strap budgets.Our journey has definitely been one of a kind. From working at cafes to literally starting from the floor of our first office, I am glad that I took the plunge. The past 3.5 years have been full of setbacks, failures, risk, success and sheer determination that have finally paid off!”

Anas Arif, after graduating from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), jumped fulltime in Bagallery after a year and started steering the company’s operations and financials:

“Three amazing years at Bagallery have taught me and our team that every time, think BIG, dream big, but start small and be humble, you will be helped in ways you can never imagine. Winners will never quit, and quitters will never win because they never tried. You can’t succeed if you are inside your comfort zone.“You are the captain of your ship, don’t stay in the harbor”.