Lahore    -  Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has congratulated the PTI candidates over their victory in Gilgit-Baltistan election.

In a statement, the CM said the voters had reposed their unflinching trust over Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

It has also proved that PTI is the most popular party, he added. 

The people have stood with sincere leadership that transparently delivers to them. 

The CM maintained the voters have chosen the PTI because of its immaculate performance and it is also the success of the agenda of introducing change and building a new Pakistan. 

It proves the success of the transparent governance and voters have shown their trust over the PTI leadership, he stated. 

The CM stressed the negative politics of the looters has been buried and the people have shown a mirror to those engaged in useless agitation. 

The collusion of the opposition, aimed at saving the looted money, has also been fully rejected by the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, the CM concluded.

CM leads a walk regarding Shan-e-Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Week

Punjab Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar led a walk in connection with Shan-e-Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Week at his office on Monday which was attended by cabinet members, Parliamentarians, Chief Secretary and others.

Talking to the media, the Chief Minister said it was an honour to join the walk arranged in connection with Shan-e-Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Week. 

Efforts have been made in different countries to play with the sentiments of the Muslims in the garb of freedom of expression, he regretted. 

Pakistan has strongly condemned all such elements at every level and decided to celebrate Shan-e-Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Week every year in the month of Rabi-ul-Awal. 

In this regard, different celebrations are planned and Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Scholarship is also being launched with an initial amount of Rs 50 crore, he said. 

The CM said half the amount will be utilized for giving stipends to position-holder students while the rest of the sum will be spent on Rehmat-ul-Aalmeen Scholarships. 

This amount will be enhanced every year along with holding of different celebrations to highlight the blessed life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he continued. Meanwhile, competition has also been launched to produce a documentary about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

We pray to Almighty Allah to accept our efforts for highlighting the ever-lasting role and importance of the gracious and merciful life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), concluded the CM.