PESHAWAR  -   The meeting of the Board of Governors, Edward College Peshawar, which was scheduled for last day at Governor’s House, postponed for the 2nd time due to absence of representatives of the Lahore Diocesan Trust Association (LTDA). 

The meeting was scheduled as per the directives of Apex Court to discuss the administrative, financial and other affairs of the institution. The LTDA conveyed regret that its representative could not attend the meeting despite official invitation well before time. The meeting has been postponed again despite the fact that all other BoG members were available for the subject meeting. BoG is a relevant and authentic forum to take/approve decisions in all affairs of the institution. It is pertinent to mention that KP Governor Shah Farman has keen interest to run the affairs of the Edward College in light of the Supreme Court directives.

 and expressed the view that Edwards College is playing an important role in the education sector and no one can deny the contribution and services of this college in this regard.