One of the grave problems we are facing is the disparity between the rich and poor. To make things worse, the rich have their lavish ways which often push the prices up. The unrealistic lifestyles push people to live beyond their means, which we are doing as a country too.

In old times, there was less income gap and the disease of showing off wealth and living beyond means was not as widespread as it is today. Our leaders live royal lives, move around in luxury cars, and live in palatial houses, setting a poor example for the people. We as a nation and more specifically our leaders have moved away from the habit of working hard to earn the livelihood completely forgetting the Quaid’s motto “work, work, and only work.” We instead have adopted a superficial lifestyle that mocks the poor. Prices are a function of demand and supply and the greed of the rich often unnecessarily drives the prices up making the life of the poor hard. Politics has become a business where our leaders use their wealth, often ill-gotten, to dupe the masses. Though they claim to be working for Pakistan and following the Quaid’s mission, they do exactly the opposite. The top leadership of all parties consists of billionaires who live like royals. They claim to work for the poor, but they can’t even understand the issues faced by the poor.

The two main parties fooled the nation with slogans like “roti kapra aur makaan” (PPP) and projects like metro and Orange Line train (PML-N) in select urban centres. Unfortunately, the third party that came into power riding on a wave of change, has made promises that it can’t fulfil in the next twenty years. One thing is clear that all leaders are chips of the same block and high inflation is a consequence of surfeit of their behaviour. Yet, they keep maligning their opponents with allegations against which the innocent lose courage.

If they do not change themselves and lend their ear to the call of Confucius who said that “those who do not economize, will have to agonize”, we as a nation will not get out of the mess we are in. Inflation will prevail until the demand and supply of our needs are balanced. The leaders of PDM and the government do not seem to have the quest for early solution to the crises our country is facing. Instead, they are groping in the wilderness and ask their followers to raise slogans in their favour. They have left the poor at the mercy of high inflation and a raging pandemic.

The leadership of all parties talks about humanity and fundamental rights but lack empathy and concern for human life. Why else would they be holding public rallies at the peak of a deadly pandemic? If we want to improve, our leaders would have to become role models for simplicity and a prudent lifestyle, show concern for human life, and work together to solve the problems faced by people rather than doing everything for self-serving purposes.