I live alone with my father who is a diabetic patient. On the Chelum of Hazrat Hussain R.A, my father suddenly fell ill, went into hypoglycemic state and then fainted. I started panicking and frantically started calling my father’s doctor and for an ambulance. This is when I realised that there was no service due to the government’s suspension of mobile signals near Chelum procession areas.

Can you imagine my state? I felt completely helpless and every passing minute, I thought I am losing my father. It was by far one of the worst and distressing times of my life. I had to leave my father unattended and run to my neighbour for help, got a taxi for us and we took my father to the hospital.

By the grace of Allah, he reached the hospital in time, and doctors regulated his sugar and treated him, but anything could have happened. This is the sorry state of affairs in our country, that even in a life-threatening medical emergency you don’t have access to emergency respondents. I urge the government and all authorities to please keep these factors in mind before they thoughtlessly switch off cellular networks. If this cannot be avoided, then there should be an alternative, through which emergency numbers can be accessed, at such times.