ISLAMABAD-The Crown viewers have been left ‘confused’ over Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. The actress, 52, plays the Prime Minister throughout her time in office in the 1980s, with focus on her turbulent relationship with the Royal Family. And since the fourth series was released recently, fans have taken to social media to express their ‘very conflicted’ views on Gillian’s performance. ‘I have such a girl crush on Gillian Anderson but she’s playing Thatcher and I really don’t want to fancy Thatcher! Looking forward to a very conflicted afternoon,’ wrote one, while a second joked: ‘it’s so upsetting to me that i still fancy Gillian Anderson even when she’s playing Margaret Thatcher.’ The Crown’s fourth series focuses on Thatcher’s rise to power and her dramatic social reforms in the 1980s, which divided the country as it led to weakening of the power of the trade unions and the 1984 miners strike.