Pashto films

Who watches Pashto movies? This question often arises in mind. I have never seen any prominent roles fulfilled by actors, such as a professor, doctor, engineer, journalist, advocate, poet, writer and other key professionals in Pashto films. It shows that most of the Pashto film-makers are uneducated and they don’t know about the stories, related to educational institutes, health centres, sports, courts, media, trade, commerce, art, literature, religion and other fields of life. They are limited to crime and love stories only. A majority of Pashto films are structured on common guidelines. The hero, heroin and villain have the main roles and all the story rotates around them. Similarly, they present only violence, gun and explosive culture and emphasis on vulgarity in the name of love. Due to this state of affairs, one cannot watch these movies with family and friends. 

These Pashto movies also display the narrow mindset of their directors and producers, that they have no idea about the stories of the works of Pakhtuns in education, science and technology, arts and other areas. Therefore, it is must for the government to stop the production of such movies, based on gun culture. Today’s Pashto film industry needs radical changes and extra care and management as well to attract the public by making films watchable for the whole society. 


Islamabad, September 23. 

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt