ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) had asked the citizens to submit their complaints on negligence matters related to the hospitals’ staff or doctors to stop this unhealthy practice in the capital.

According to an official of the authority, a dedicated directorate of complaints had been established for receiving, managing, and resolving complaints of patients or their family members and to improve the quality of healthcare systems, services and outcomes. 

He said these complaints were the source of direct information about the problems being faced by the public from healthcare systems and services. He added many such complaints had been addressed on merit. 

He said the purpose of the complaints directorate is to ensure the rights of patients and that Healthcare establishments (HCEs) are well-maintained in view of the current rules and regulations. 

 “The authority can investigate matters related to hospitals, labs, tibb, homeopathic clinics, matabs, home-based services, ambulatory services, slimming centers, and other healthcare establishments providing services in the capital on any wrongdoings with the patients.” 

He said such issues included neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, inefficiency, administrative irregularities, abuse of power, any act of omission or commission, incorrect action or failure to take any action, failure to foresee and take comprehensive precautionary measures against possible mishaps, failure to provide the requisite information, failure to investigate, failure to reply, misleading or inaccurate statements, inadequate liaison, corrupt behaviour, incorrect or illegal administration of a drug to a patient or client, an incorrect or incomplete entry in a document or violation of human rights, etc. 

The official said that the healthcare service providers could also lodge a complaint against misconduct or damage to the healthcare establishments. He said that if the complaint, submitted either by an aggrieved person or a healthcare professional, is proved false, the authority may impose a penalty which may be extended to Rs 200,000 upon the complainant. 

He said the complainers should read the guidelines on how to lodge a complaint from IHRA’s official website. He added complainers could easily download the complaint form in Urdu or English. 

He said that after downloading, printing, and filling the complaint form, the complainer has to print the sample attached affidavit and produce a complaint on duly notarized stamp paper of Rs100 along with the supporting material like a receipt, prescription, etc. to IHRA office through courier or by hand to the address i.e. Islamabad Healthcare Regulatory Authority, DMLC Building (PRCS), 2nd and 3rd Floor, Sufi Tabassum Road, H-8/2, Islamabad. 

He said that on the issue of medical negligence and the issue of malpractice and maladministration, the authority board had imposed a fine of Rs750,000 on the administration of a private hospital in the capital under section 29 Islamabad Healthcare Regulation Act, 2018.