MULTAN - Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture (MNSUA) Fisheries Department organized training for farmers on Fish farming.

Imparting training to farmers was aimed at promotion of fish farming in the country and was attended by a good number of farmers besides faculty members. The trainer, Dr Naheed Bano, who is assistant prof Fisheries Dept, shed light in detail about fish farming management.

She informed that fish could be preserved for one year with proper management adding that farmers could get better production of fish by keeping it into brackish water.       

Dishes made by fish are not only liked across the world but also these helped in meeting dietary needs of kids and women.

In his presidential address, MNSUA VC, Dr Asif Ali, said that fish is rich source of protein which is essential part for human body growth adding that our population is facing its deficiency. Fish farming is gaining popularity in urban along with rural areas, Dr Asif, said and added that biofloc fish farming has been much successful in the cities and now its trend is growing with each passing day.

He noted that such training created collaboration among students, farmers and researchers.