ISLAMABAD    -   As part of the national plan of provid­ing maximum relief to over 33 million flood-affected people across Pakistan, NGOs have pledged 100 tons of tea to one million families displaced by the devastating floods.

The relief assistance will be provid­ed through partner NGOs, Indus Hos­pital, The Citizens Foundation Al-Khid­mat Foundation, and Roshan Academy, Ekaterra, says a press release issued here the other day.

Farheen Salman Amir, President BSPAN and GM Pakistan, Ekaterra, while announcing the tea donation, said that Ekaterra believes in giving back more than it takes from nature. “We’re announcing our commitment to the flood affected by donating 100 tons of tea to one million displaced families, that’s 100 per cent of the displaced families as per the latest UNHCR data.”

She mentioned that the devastat­ing floods have claimed over 1,400 lives and left over 2,000 people in­jured. Over 33 million have been affect­ed and one million families have been displaced, while over 218,000 houses have been destroyed.