Ayesha Zehri; A gem

 Ayesha Zehri who was appreciated on social media for her courageous role during the flooding situation in Balochistan has been replaced and became the first deputy commissioner.

She has done multiple raids against criminals and drug smugglers in the district and was arrested while she was Assistant Commissioner of Chagai. She was congratulated by the Chief Minister of Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizanjo on becoming the first deputy commissioner in Balochistan.

The appointment of Ayesha Zehri as the first deputy commissioner sounds well for the better of the society and empowerment of women. Women are an important part of society and promoting them by using their abilities is one of the most appreciated steps by the Government.

Therefore, the Government should have a strong glance at the abilities of women, and their good works and they should get promoted by using their abilities.