ISLAMABAD    -   The embattled gov­ernment, struggling to tackle the fast in­creasing inflation and devastation of floods in the country, till the completion of its tenure will never be in a position to annoy its co­alition partners at any stage.

The Sharif government had to join hands with its arch-rival political fac­tion [PPP-P] to take the reins, as oth­erwise it was impossible to defeat Imran Khan in the Nation­al Assembly through vote of no-confidence.

Former prime minister Imran Khan was deposed through a no-confidence vote with 174 members [in the 342-seat Parliament] from different parties. He was the first unlucky prime minister in the parliamen­tary history, who was voted out through a no-trust mo­tion. The role of Muttahida Qaumi Movement [MQM-P] to make possible the move to topple the PTI’s govern­ment was undoubtedly very important at the time of vote of no-confidence motion.

With the strength of its seven votes in the lower house of the parliament, the MQM-P had also remained the coalition partner of Im­ran Khan’s government.

The party distanced itself from PTI’s government with a charge-sheet that the gov­ernment was disinterested in addressing their grievances. It was the second allied part­ner of the Imran-led govern­ment which was unsatisfied with the government ow­ing to the different reasons. MQM-P’s agreement with the present government to support them in the no-trust motion, that was believed to be made possible with the effort of PPP’s Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, had proved as a last nail in the PTI’s gov­ernment coffin.

Political gurus viewed that MQM-P has a track record of detaching itself from the government at any stage. In the PPP-P’s last govern­ment era, the MQM report­edly made a record of politi­cal summersaults by leaving the government and rejoin­ing it only after the gap of a month or so.

Currently, the MQM is un­happy with the federal gov­ernment due to some rea­sons related to missing members of its party. Though Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has recently promised to address the issue yet the Khalid Maqbol Siddiqui-led MQM-P is unsatisfied with the government. The prime minister has recently held a meeting with MQM-P’s chief Khalid Maqbol, assuring him to put all the efforts to re­solve the issue related miss­ing persons.

Talking to this newspa­per, MQM-P’s Senator Fais­al Ali Subzwari said that Minister for Interior Rana Sana Ullah would soon dis­cuss the matter related to missing persons of his par­ty. “Yes, we have an option of leaving the government in case of finding unsatisfac­tory measures,” said the se­nior member of the party. It may also be mentioned here that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has recently expressed his resolve for missing per­sons to be reunited with their families at a hearing on the matter in the Islamabad High Court. Political gurus viewed that the annoyance of the MQM-P would definitely sup­port the PTI in the current political scenario. The num­ber-game will change in par­liament, if the MQM-P leaves the government at this polit­ical juncture.