ISLAMABAD    -   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Fi­nance Minister Taimur Khan Jhagra came down hard on the federal government for, what he said, creating financial cri­sis in the province, as the pro­vincial government did not receive a penny from the cen­tre since the coalition govern­ment seized the power. Ad­dressing a press conference here on Friday along with PTI KP President Pervez Khattak and party’s senior leader Asad Qaiser here, Jhagra said that the devastating floods have exposed the incompetence of the federal government worldwide. Khattak stated on the occasion that Chairman PTI Imran Khan would regain power with two-third major­ity, adding that the ruling co­alition was bent on begging all over the world, as they put the country in debt trap during four months. The pro­vincial finance minister re­vealed that the KP salary bill was amounting Rs 6 billion, but the province was getting mere Rs. 4.50 billion in this regard. The minister stated that in the last two years, the Imran Khan-led government transferred Rs 68 billion to KP under net hydel power profit but since the “cabal of crooks” seized the power they did not pay a penny to the province. He stated that the govern­ment seemed helpless to rein in the flight of the dollar de­spite the deal with Interna­tional Monetary Fund (IMF). He added that the inflation broke the back-bone of the countrymen, which was over 45 percent at present. Jhagra went on to say that the pric­es of petrol, diesel, electric­ity, gas along with daily-use items were skyrocketing, making the lives of the peo­ple miserably. “I raised all the issues before the federal gov­ernment, but of no good,” he added. He said that that the center consumed KP’s subsi­dy of Rs60 billion. “They are reluctant to conduct elections due to the fear of Imran Khan due to which people are bear­ing the brunt,” he added.