PESHAWAR    -   Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has said that Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Im­ran Khan is the only leader who has univocally spo­ken against various blasphemous publications, hav­ing controversial contents on Islam.

While criticizing the federal government, Mahmood Khan stated that using state apparatus for spreading propaganda against a national hero is extremely un­fortunate, adding that Imran Khan’s efforts against Islamophobia have been recognized by the entire Muslim Ummah.

In a statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Secre­tariat, Mahmood Khan clarified that working for the development of Islam is our moral duty and the PTI-led provincial government has taken several practical steps in this regard. Solarisation of 7,370 mosques, provision of monthly honorarium to prayer leaders, increase in the honorarium of Ulema who deliver sermons in Jamia Masjid and introduction of Quranic teachings in schools are proof that the present gov­ernment is dedicated to serving Islamic ideology.

“This corrupt conglomerate is hiding behind Islam to hide the looted wealth of Pakistan. The CM con­cluded that Imran Khan is the only political figure in Pakistan who presented the state of Medina as a model for Pakistan, and has taken sincere steps for its realization. The entire nation stands behind Imran Khan and will not step back from any sacrifice for se­curing its sovereignty, the CM added.