Balochistan is considered to be the heart of Pakistan and one of the most blessed provinces in terms of natural resources and territory. It has all kinds of resources; beautiful sites to travel to, a splendid culture, and many more. Balochistan consists of 26 districts. Each district has basic facilities, and each district possesses its own natural identity. The agricultural land of Balochistan has numerous kinds of harvest, especially date palms, which are famous all over Pakistan and are delicious and healthy to eat. But unfortunately, the infrastructure and the agricultural land of each district of Balochistan have been totally altered after the heavy rains. Everything has been devastated and has been drowned by the floods.

Additionally, along with other districts being affected by the outpouring, the most affected district is Lasbela, which is the border district of Sindh. Lately, the Lasbela district has been completely affected by the heavy rains. The bridges in Lasbela, which connect Karachi with the cities of Balochistan, are totally demolished, and roads are totally broken, especially on the RCD road. Furthermore, the education system of Lasbela has been badly affected. LUAWMS, which is considered the only university that provides quality education to the poor and needy students of Balochistan, has also been the victim of heavy rain, and it is closed for more than two months, excluding summer vacations, which is quite a long duration.

Nevertheless, after the reopening of the universities, students and the residents here still face the aftereffects of rain, as the heavy rains have brought changes like the destruction of departments and libraries where the students had studied for their exams. The officers’ colonies, where the university staff live, are in disrepair, with residential buildings being demolished due to age and constant rain. There is no water and no electricity for hours, which causes people to live from hand to mouth. Though it has been approximately 2 weeks since the university reopened, woefully, there has not been any work done to maintain the structure of LUAWMS again. As a result, the Provisional Government and the management of LUAWMS must take appropriate action on these issues, with the first priority being the reconstruction of the demolished bridges and the restoration of the basic facilities at LUAWMS, so that both the residents of Lasbela and the students of LUAWMS can continue their studies on a regular basis.