ISLAMABAD    -    Mush­aal Hussein Mullick, Chair­person Peace and Culture Organisation, made it clear that the supremacists Na­rendra Modi govt crossed all limits of barbarity and state terrorism, however she added that these brutal and inhuman acts would serve no purpose but would further augment the thirst of undeterred Kashmiris for independence. Mushaal, wife of jailed Kashmiri Hur­riyat Leader Mohammad Yasin Malik, in a statement on Friday vowed that the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kash­mir (IIOJK) would not give up their freedom struggle come what may, said a press release here Friday. She said that they could not be de­terred from their ultimate goal, which was freedom, and they would take the freedom fight to logical ends despite all odds. She said that despite the continued incidents of Indian state ter­rorism and granting of vot­ing rights to Indian citizens in the internationally rec­ognised disputed territory, the world powers observed criminal silence. The world community ignored the horrors committed against Kashmiri people, while the relevant human rights or­ganizations remained silent, she lamented. Mushaal stat­ed that the unabated Indian military violence and blood­shed posed a serious exis­tential threat to the Kash­miris reeling under India’s brutal suppression for over the last seven decades. The Hurriyat leader lamented that Indian fascist govern­ment continued killing and arresting of civilians as part of its systematic and nefari­ous genocide campaign.