ISLAMABAD    -    The opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has summoned an important meeting of its core committee to discuss the op­tion of giving a protest call to force the government to announce snap polls. Chairman PTI Imran Khan will chair the meeting that will discuss the future plan of action of the party. In his re­cent address to the nation, former prime minister had renewed his demand of early elections warning the government that he will give the call of protest if “pushed to the wall.” He has also accused the government for its alleged involvement in register­ing cases against him and other party leaders. The meeting will discuss the fast declining economic situation of the country and the issue of restrictions imposed on media, said a statement is­sued by the PTI’s Central Media Department. Meanwhile, PTI leadership belonging to the KP chapter held a meeting un­der the chair of PTI chief Khan. The PTI members of the Sen­ate and National as well as provincial assemblies belonging to KP also attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the option of protest call besides other matters of the party