LAHORE     -    The Punjab government has im­posed section 144 in the prov­ince to avert threats to law and order and to maintain sectarian harmony and public peace on the occasion of Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). 

The ban will remain imposed until September 18 (Sunday).

According to a notification issued by provincial home de­partment, there will be ban on pillion riding, but senior citizens,ladies and personnel of law enforcement agencies will be exempted from it. 

The home department has also banned display of daggers, spears, lathies, knives, and any other article which may be used as a weapon of offence. The rais­ing of slogans and making of vis­ible signs or representation that might incite public sentiments and target belief of any sect, community or group will also be prohibited. 

Also, the government has banned dissemination of infor­mation through any informa­tion system or device with the intent to glorify and incite reli­gious, sectarian hatred or use of abusive or derogatory remarks through any information system or device that advances or is like­ly to advance interfaith, sectarian or racial hatred.

Likewise, construction of fir­ing bays on rooftops of houses or other buildings situated at the route of processions etc and col­lection of stones, bricks, bottles/ rubbish etc on procession routes has been prohibited. It also pro­hibited sitting or standing on the roofs of buildings on the routes.